Sunday, 21 December 2014

Ragi – A Healthy Food Grain

Ragi or Millet as generally well-known is often used in the Southern States kitchen areas. It's in reality the main food diet in several towns all around Southern India. Ragi is undoubtedly called an extremely healthy food grain, high in calcium. You may see the strength of ragi once you go to the Maharashtra region. Recognized in common as 'nachni', a main diet plan of the 'naachni bhaakris' as well as 'pitla' continues to be the key reason for decades behind slim yet strong young children.

Finger millet is generally the English language matching of ragi. Furthermore, mainly, used in Southern India, the item is usually an excellent supply of healthy proteins, dietary fiber, iron or other vitamins and minerals. It's much healthier as compared to other cereal products and includes a number of health advantages.

Weight reduction

Ragi is extremely on top relating to higher dietary fiber. It assimilates gradually; trying to keep you satisfied for longer and assists you to stay away from extreme food eating. This assists a person in losing unwanted weight as well as retains a person fit.


The fiber rich ragi really helps you in thoroughly cleaning your guts effortlessly all the time and thus stops constipation.

Diabetic issues

Because of its slower food digestion pace, ragi assists in reducing your blood sugar levels. Therefore, people with diabetes can take advantage of ragi rotis/pancakes without worrying about the impact of their particular sugar levels.

Bone toughness

 Ragi is quite abundant with calcium. It could be conveniently interchanged with milk for getting your everyday calcium dosage. Additionally you can include ragi flour kanji because it's an excellent supply of calcium. Ragi porridge is generally provided to developing youngsters with regard to bone growth and even to grown-ups to prevent osteoporosis.

Gluten free

Ragi is totally free from gluten that's often present in wheat as well as its items. Thus it could be conveniently consumed by gluten delicate consumers.

Cholesterol management

Extremely fibrous, ragi assists in managing and even reducing poor levels of cholesterol.


 As we know ragi is usually packed with iron and thus quite helpful for those who have anemia.

Ragi combined with milk functions marvelously for children's. In case of young children, naachni khakras draw attention to a health-aware person's snack section at the time of tea breaks. You can find a big set of South Indian meals wherein ragi is mainly used (eg. ragi dosas, ragi idlis etc.)

In general, together with you haven't any options but to keep yourself healthy and balanced!

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