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Contribution of Cassia Tora Powder in Human & Animal Diet

Cassia Tora powder is actually a natural powder which is generally used in meals as well as various other industrial sectors. It's resultant from the Cassia obtusifolia seeds. It is widely used as being a pure insect killer in natural plantation. This powder is also used in animal foodstuff business; it is also generally used as a thickener.

Greater health problems on this planet and raising cases of problems like fatness, high blood pressure, diabetes as well as other cardiovascular problems have increased desire for continuing development of well-balanced meals and beverages that is going to nip these types of medical problems in the bud. Herbal and natural teas have acquired popularity being an efficient protective cure for many of these ailments.

Cassia Powder Uses


Cassia Tora Powder is usually a cheap option against the softer ceylon cinnamon. Even though both kinds are structure wise distinct, cassia powder plays the role of a great replacement since it too, is quite sweet-smelling. This particular rougher variety is normally combined with ceylon cinnamon for making it more cost-effective and marketed in a commercial sense. Cassia powder is commonly used being a flavoring element for pastries, sweets, meat and confectionery. A number of curries and gravies are there which are created simply with cassia not ceylon cinnamon.


Cassia powder is usually used as an organic hair dye, because it hues grayish hair into a light blond color. Moreover it organically conditions and provides shine to your hair making it soft smooth.


It's among the fifty basic natural herbs in conventional Chinese drugs, as well as recognized to strengthen energy, vigor and blood flow. In Ayurveda the item is widely used as a cure for digestive disorders, diabetes, as well as colds. Nutritionally it's a great supply of dietary fiber, manganese, calcium, and iron. It's a tonic, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, catalyst and carminative element and contains great antioxidant characteristics. Successful medical tests have discovered it fruitful in the control of diabetes mellitus. Nevertheless, some companies do not allow extreme usage of cassia because of a harmful element known as 'coumarin' contained in it.

Cassia Powder mixed Meals in Fish Farming

The amount of higher nutrition in the cassia tora powder should make it an excellent basis of fish meal. The excessive healthy proteins percent is perfect for fish growth and ultimately results in speedy reproduction of fish. These powdered meals are even economical in comparison to several other commercially produced fish food items that has constructed it the better option with regards to lucrative fish farming.

Therapeutic Benefit of Cassia Tora Powder

The Therapeutic Benefit of Cassia Tora Powder consists of:

  • In Ayurvedic drugs, cassia plant seeds have supreme importance and it's used in treating persons affected from snake bites, along with an eye-sight enhancer.

  • Treating skin ailments like herpes as well as anti-bacterial activity.

  • The cassia tora seeds are likewise wonderful laxatives, along with useful anthelmintics and clogged chest helper.

  • The wide existence of anthroquinones within the cassia tora plant leaves constructed it valuable in treatments for teething in kids, high temperature as well as for lowering chronic constipation.

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