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Myrobalan Belliric Seeds & Powder Health Benefits

Baheda, a therapeutic sapling is actually developed throughout the country particularly in the lower mountainous places. The foliage tumbles down in the calendar month of February and there after brand new foliage arrive, the blossoms comes until through the month of May and then fruits developed during the January or even February month of the following year. The Myrobalan Belliric tree gets bigger up to a level of 60 to 80 ft, and the upper body of the tree is usually straight with dark brownish shade, foliage is around 3 to 8 in. lengthy, wide, and elliptical in form as well as develops in clumps at the tip of the limbs.

The plant blossoms are generally whitish or yellowish in color, the stalk of plant remains 3 to 6 in. lengthy, the blossoms normally develop on the top as well as lower part of the plant. The fruits are approx half in. in width, rounded in shape, stringy, grayish in color as well as thin at the base. Baheda is a seed like fruit and appears lineate and to some extent like pentagon form right after drying.

Baheda reported to be most reliable on kapha as well as good for eyes related ailments, raises your hair, treats neck pain, nose troubles, purifies bloodstream, larynx ailments, coughing, heart problems, blood deficiency issues, jaundice and kills bacteria. For abdominal problems its exclusive useful as compare to other drugs to improve the stomach. Baheda fruit seeds are usually bitter, satisfy your craving for liquid, handle vomiting, take out vata and even treat bronchitis. The coating of the fruits treats kapha and it's also in particular useful for neck and breathing trouble. Baheda seeds lessen ache and inflammation; however surplus volume triggers vomiting.

Emblic myrobalan (amla) fruit powder, belleric myrobalan (bahera) and myrobalan (har) while blended in similar percentage is known as "Triphala-churna". This particular natural powder includes fantastic curative characteristics. It ruins the extreme amount of cough and malice. Additionally it is useful in leprosy plus in examining the issue of sperm. Moreover it treats constipation and builds up the strength of eyesight. It's quite helpful for folks experiencing hypertension.


It is quite helpful for fur, eyes as well as throat.
Belliric seed oil and liquid paste of fruits is normally used on inflamed and aching areas.

Baheda seed oil provides best performance in case of skin ailments and early whitening of hair.

Fruit slices are properly cooked and munched for curing asthma, coughing problems, cold and voice gruffness.

Belliric powered fruit is usually used to cure injuries so to stop the blood loss.

This natural herb is well used in several eye diseases, like corneal opacity, premature cataract, myopia, pterigium, long-term and severe infective problems.

Decoction of the seed could be used to cure vomiting.

It stops growing older, increases your resistance capabilities, imparts long life, enhances brain power, and improves the body strength towards ailments.

It works well in minimizing cholesterol levels and hypertension.

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