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Pongamia Pinnata Seeds Benefits & Uses

Pongamia Pinnata (often called Pongam Tree, Indian Beech Tree, Millettia Pinnata, Honge Tree) is actually a mid-sized tree with countless characteristics. It has dispersing top as well as a shorter bole. The particular shrub is usually planned and planted because of its qualities and is also developed as being a decorative shrub. It's among the couple of nitrogen restoring trees or legume trees generating seeds which is having 30-40% oil. Its thick set-up of horizontal roots and thicker, very long taproot make sure it is drought-resistant and even good enough for the high temperature and daylight.

The natural destination of Pongamia tree is actually alongside coasts and waterside as well as open agricultural lands and it's local to south-east Asian countries and India. This particular shrub grows within damp hot areas across the world such as Australia and USA. It is truly an ideal variety for managing soil corrosion and helps in joining sand dunes due to its thick set-up of side to side roots.

The plants origination, foliage, peel, sap, and blossom likewise have therapeutic qualities and historically used as curative plants. Highly concentrated fruits or even Pongamia Pinnata Seeds excerpt are available in a variety of herbal and natural drugs which you can buy from market. In India, where people have more knowledge about this tree, the seeds of this plant are usually gathered for getting Karanja or Honge oil. The particular non-edible oil is famous because of its therapeutic attributes. You will find a very long historical background of utilizing this oil in the form of a fuel for lighting and preparing foods. The hard pressed cake is commonly used as mosquito repellant and even as a natural fertilizer since it includes set Nitrogen (4%), Potassium & Phosphorus (1%) each.


Wood- Pongamia is often used as a source of fuel wood. This plant wood is actually average to rough textured. But, it's not long-lasting, is usually prone to bug strike, and has a tendency to separate if sown. Hence this wood isn't regarded as an excellent wood. This tree wood is mainly used in drawer creation, trolley wheels, farming tools and combs etc.

Oil- A solid yellow-orange to brownish oil is generally taken out from seeds. Total productions 25% volume level is achievable by using a mechanized expeller. But, in case of village crushers normal production is 20%. This oil carries a sour flavor and a distressing smell; hence it's not viewed as edible. This oil is widely used as a lube, pesticide, as well as in making soap, water-paint binder and leather businesses. This oil may have significance in human medicines for treating rheumatism, and human as well as animal skin ailments. It's useful in improving glow of your skin troubled by scabies or even leucoderma. The Pongamia oil is furthermore used in place of diesel.

Animal Feed - Views differ on the effectiveness of the varieties as a feed. The tree foliage is usually consumed by cattle and easily eaten by goats. But, in several places it's not consumed by animals. Its feed value is best in dry areas. The oil cake, residual left after the oil is usually taken out from the seeds, is normally used as poultry feed.

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